Photoshop? / by Anthony Gibbins

These photos are all taken on an iphone 5s. Not only does the camera do a reasonably good macro-lens shot, but it’s also small enough to cram into tight spaces, like the Highlander or Augustus’ office. The rich blue sky? That is just a piece of cardboard stuck to the wall behind my desk. The day I took this photo I ran down to the local toy store to buy this piece of road. Then I googled ‘lego cloud’. The sun is a close-up of the shield carried by the Minerva minifigure. It was all 'assembled' in Keynote. That is pretty much the sum of my image manipulation skills. Limited, but they do the job.

sole se celante is an Ablative Absolute. celante is another participle (see yesterday’s post). It means something like, ‘With the sun hiding itself’. post nubem means ‘behind a cloud’. The Main Clause of the sentence is Pico pavimentum relinquit, ‘Pico abandons the pavement’ and the pavement is described as iam frigidum, ‘now cold’. ut cauponam visitet is a Purpose Clause, which, as the name suggests, gives the reason someone does something. This one means ‘to visit the restaurant’.

We have seen the word placet (it pleases) and perplacet (it pleases very much) a couple of times now. pavimentum frigidum Piconi displicet means ‘The cold pavement displeases Pico’. valde is an adverb meaning ‘very much’.

The sun hiding itself behind a cloud, Pico abandons the now cold pavement to visit the restaurant. The cold pavement displeases Pico very much.