all you need to know before reading episode 7 / by Anthony Gibbins

Not all that much, really. There will be a full refresher before episode eight, but for now you need know only a couple of things;

Firstly, as our episode opens, Miranda, a police officer, is sitting in her apartment anxiously contemplating the events of the previous day. For, having spotted a woman (known to us as Jessica) carrying a suitcase and climbing down the side of a building, she allowed said individual to escape before properly questioning her about her activities.

Secondly, Claudia, who has a keen interest in all things ancient, and in Roman ruins in particular, has left for a trip to Pompeii. Departing, she promised Miranda a letter. Miranda’s contemplations are disturbed by a knock at the door. *spoiler* It’s the postman.

Hello reader. Today Miranda is sitting in a chair at home thinking about the previous day. She is anxious on-account-of (propter) the woman who fled yesterday.