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Welcome to Legonium, an imaginary Latin Lego town. Enjoy your stay and check out the many sites while you are here.

fabula story

Exciting things happen in Legonium. And some pretty run-of-the-mill things too. Read all about it at fabula. This is the backbone of the site, an ongoing original tale illustrated with Lego images. Season One is a complete story. Season Two has just begun.

I hope that these stories are not only fun to read, but also of some use in the Latin classroom. Any feedback to that end would be welcomed. And while I've been studying Latin for some time now, I find I'm always learning something new. So, if you see something that you think should be changed, please say something. I'll be only too happy to investigate.


During Season One I was posting here daily. Each post looks at one page from the fabula, providing a translation and commentary.


I tweet as Legonium under my old YouTube name tutubuslatinus (it’s Latin for YouTube!). I collect some of the tweets and keep them here.

Et Cetera

This is where I post some bits and pieces, including a Pyramus and Thisbe graphic novel, a simple translation of the Hobbit (Chapter One) and...

Gilbo is great for true Latin beginners. There are (will be!) about 18 chapters of Gilbo. If you can't wait, you can read the whole thing now on TarHeelReader.org. Things get pretty exciting.


There is not too much to do here. A few experimental lessons. One day you will be able to listen and watch the Legonium stories being read to you. Yay! For now, I do highly recommend the counting to 100 video. It’s AWESOME!


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I really hope you enjoy the site. Any feedback is always appreciated. You can like the Facebook Page or follow Legonium on Twitter if you want to be updated on new materials. Have a great day!